- Little Maťko grows out of water. Mom always needs to buy new shirts, shoes, and some sort of toy. If you add household needs ... uff, that's the account! Fortunately we have a great tip for Maťka's mother.
PEPCO offers a wide range of children's clothing and toys, ladies and men's fashion, or a wide range of household accessories. In our stores you will also find bathroom equipment, kitchen utensils, pillows, decorative blankets and blankets, curtains, decorative items, cleaning utensils, storage boxes, special seasonal products ... everyone really chooses. And all at the lowest prices.
If your crap changes the size of the t-shirt as on the running belt, or you just want to make your home a nice thing, I would like to welcome you at PEPCO. A pleasant environment and cheaper prices are waiting for you.

Opening hours: Po – Ne: 9:00 – 20:00
Telephone: +421 233 056 067 PO – PIA – 9:00 – 17:00 h (Zákaznícky servis)
Store number: 106