Handy Dandy - Detský kútik

For the smallest visitors of RGB Liptov we opened the largest and most modern children's playground in Liptov! You will find it on the 1st floor of RGB Liptov opposite the restaurant Marino restaurant.

Treat yourself to the smallest experience you will never experience anywhere else. Take them to the children's world where they will fully develop their imagination.
Experienced staff will care for your children, while you can carelessly shop or enjoy relaxing in the solarium or in the café.

For the smallest children we have a playground for the smallest children, a drawing wall, a children's adventure climbing climbing climbing climbing set, a swinging set, and Eyeplay's touch screen.

There is a climbing wall, chess, trampoline center, inflatable castle, foam box, XBOX zone, Airhockey entertainment machines, Catch the light and Crusin autosimulator and news, 2x virtual reality that will please the smallest as well as the elderly and also we have Professional VR Racing Player Trainer.

The children's play area is hygienically cleaned regularly. You can also use the loyalty system for discounts and free entries.

Children´s fun Fair Handy Dandy

Opening hours: Pondelok – Nedeľa: 10:00 – 20:00
Telephone: +421 940 929 729
E-mail: info@handydandy.sk
Website: www.handydandy.sk
Store number: 201a
Handy Dandy - Detský kútik