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5D Cinema Maxim

To experience the adrenaline roller coaster, let the mists envelop and sounds of the forest delve ten thousand miles under the sea, fight terrifying monsters and mutants flee from? Is not it? Let yourself in the incredible world of the five dimensions of the largest network 5D cinema in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 5D Cinema Maxim.
Screening of the 5D Cinema Maxim using the combination of first-class 3D picture of the active 3D glasses, comfortable seat moving almost in all directions, the highest quality sound and effects added, such as wind, water vapor when running around a waterfall or perhaps gentle tickle on the feet, imitating flying dragonflies.
From a variety of more than 22 movie genres Adventure, fantasy, thriller or horror in the 5D CinemaMaxim actually selects each. For children are ready crazy rat race or water park pirate Blackbeard, young coveted adrenaline can experience the adventure on the mountain pathways leading through the planet in a distant galaxy, to take part in a frantic race to the island prison of fear or underground metro besniacich full of zombies. Calmer nature can try 5D reality odyssey for example in the ocean and much more. Become part of the movie, throws himself headlong into the abyss, bend, cut like a true racer or Fly up to the sky and let yourself be entertained and astonished at the same time.
First-class animation are 5-6 minutes in length, the specific movie you pick up on the spot and without reservation. To create fictional worlds of illusion and your maximum comfort and privacy rooms have only four seats. 5D CinemaMaxim can be found in selected shopping malls and other locations.

Opening hours: PO - NE 10:00 – 20:00
Telephone: +421 948 494 696
E-mail: info@kino-5d.cz
Website: www.kino-5d.sk
Store number: 203b
5D Kino